Websites have emerged as a fast, reliable and efficient media to display and share useful piece of information with the help & use of pictures, text and graphics.A great Web site can enhance your revenue, market reach and saturation, global competitiveness, and reputation.
Sviju, the design syndicate design and produce web sites that are professional, user-friendly and cost effective.
The corporate presentation provides a glimpse of the company’s capabilities to potential customers. Our dynamic and interactive presentation solutions can be used to enhance your corporate image, product launches, educating your customers and communicating your message with clarity and intensity for maximum impact. In combining the design and technical capabilities, Sviju utilizes software and digital know-how to produce interactive corporate presentations.

Logotype , commonly known as a logo, is a design, a graphic Representation / image / trademark symbolizing one’s organization.sviju.com is dedicated in producing exceptional logos. Sviju, design syndicate can power your business by giving a new face through business cards, logos, letterhead and other elements of corporate identity systems. The right logo, with the right characteristics, will boost your visibility, credibility and memorability – which means more business for you! Your logo can spread the message about the distinguishing characteristics of your business. We thrive on delivering custom logo designs that exceed your satisfaction level.

The e-catalogue is an innovative digital medium in which text, images, internal links, links to email and hyperlinks may be placed within an executable file (.exe) that can be distributed by email or made downloadable from a website. Sviju create electronic catalogs incorporating an easy to use navigation and interactivity to access the information required effectively. e-catalogue is a "simple-to-use" yet very effective way to promote and sell your products and services
A well developed brochure helps to lend credibility and professionalism to the enterprise. It helps you consolidate exactly "who" you are and "what" your business does.
It provides your company with a cheap medium for distributing company information (the information collected from brochures can easily be adapted to a variety of other media including display ads, news releases, and web brochures). Sviju design and formats the brochure to substantiate for ur product or service
Sviju.com uses 3D animation to help products come to life. Product spins and models are developed from 3D models and animated. Whatever your company can conceive, sviju.com can make 3D model and animate it professionally for advertising and promotional purposes. We are capable of creating animations for personalized greetings, Web banners, AVI movies, cartoon animation, video and film effects, Quicktime movies, and other specialty animation tasks.
To animate means to bring to life and communicate feelings through Storytelling. The simplest animation is usually the most effective and often takes detailed planning and creativity.2D animation using Flash and Swish can produce sophisticated presentations, demonstrations, simulations and stories
While other advertising mediums such as television, radio, and the Internet present performance challenges, mobile advertising presents performance opportunities. The paid, public, non-personal announcement of a persuasive message by an identified sponsor; the non-personal presentation or promotion by a firm of its products to its existing and potential customers where such communication is delivered to a mobile phone or other mobile device.

It is the graphic design and/or programming services required to produce the web pages for a web site. Whether your site offers brochure ware, decision support information, tools and professional resources, or news and entertainment, Sviju can help you develop effective and up-to-date online contents. The design syndicate will translate your vision into online content including custom copy, articles, tools, graphics and other electronic communications.

A mix of water colour, oil paints, pencils forms enchanting paintings, that are depicts of nature. Natural way of presentation that resembles the original visualization of a patricular thing/object/person. All paintings are hand drawn. Sviju, the design syndicate does for you a variety of paintings that are frozen in your memory.

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