Logo design is an integral part of a companys corporate identity. Sviju aims to create a unique logo design that well represents your company identity and its goals. It will give you instant credibility and an lasting recognitiion..

A professionally designed logo attracts attention, and leaves an everlasting impression in people's minds. It's true! Look at Nike, the famous shoe company, as an example. When you see that "swoosh" logo, you immediately know that is Nike. YaHoo! is another prominent example. There are numerous other examples that could be cited, that you probably see every day (Golden Arches, Coca-Cola swirl), and undoubtedly you can appreciate the power a simple, well-designed logo and Corporate Identity can have for your business.Sviju.com designs and create a powerful graphic that quickly identifies your company and its offerings and can provide it for use in any medium.

Logo for Majestic Cinemas

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